Under 300 days now…..and until I stand under the shadow, it is surely following me.

So I run away, easier to do this year. Run to the country, to let the starlight wash over me for a bit.  To think about the rest of the universe for a while and lose myself in it.  Or at least that was my intention in going out to Pickett this weekend.  The last time I was there, the sky was heartbreakingly clear.  I hated to leave, but I couldn’t really stay the night. This time we came loaded with new gear to try out, and the promise of a clear sky.

…except it wasn’t clear.  This is what will haunt me until eclipse day, the dang weather forecast is so poor for cloud cover that what is clear two days out is haze day of.  Although it would have been acceptable for an eclipse…the day wasn’t so bad…but the night was *not* clear.  Even attempting to use the new gear we had all sorts of interesting issues.  Well, that’ll eventually ease out.  Learned a bit, every time out is new experience.

So you do what you can….and high haze will make halos…testament to the dark sky here that the halo showed up with a less than first quarter Moon.

moon halo

Moon halo from Pickett group camp

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