Another year, another Supermoon. This one claimed to be the closest since the ’40s, which would be true if we all observed from the center of the Earth.  But we don’t… someone saw a very close Moon as it came to perigee overhead…but not the US.  For Tennessee, the Moon was at perigee at moonset, which added several thousand miles to the distance.


Can you see it? Just barely visible 15 minutes after moonrise on Sunday the 11th, 15 hours before full.  Smoke from fires didn’t help.


Nice orange color rising over a fall landscape.

This swamps the tens or even hundreds of miles of difference between the close perigees.  If you wanted to know when the closest Moon of YOUR life happened, you’d have to find perigee moons that came to perigee near midnight for you.  (And a trivial search shows a better distance for us on January 30, 2010..less than 90 miles center difference, but full at 1am and perigee at 3am.  Much better than this!) Or did you want closest on moonrise? Or….

It degrades real fast into trivial nonsense.  Which is why you should just go out and enjoy the Moon anytime.  Not every planet has a large satellite.  Just spend time outside, under the bright moonlight.  Relax.  Enjoy.

moon conp

September 2016 vs. November 2016, same time of night…one is super, one is not. They are actually only a few pixels different.  No, you can’t tell the difference…and it’s not important.  Just pretty.


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