Total. Eclipse.

Well, what a ride.

Right up until the end, tsunami of people and requests and omg I have recalled amazon solar glasses and…..

Then the shadow caught up to us.

Western Kentucky football stadium

WKU stadium

Just happened that the unattended camera caught the diamond ring (see inset for zoomed in view).  Being involved in the event, I couldn’t spend the camera time I’d have liked, so I just told it to shoot every couple of minutes.  This is Western Kentucky University’s football stadium.  We’d invited Kentucky schools from out of totality to come and enjoy the eclipse with us.  While we didn’t get as many as we would have liked (that’s another story), they were at this point screaming with delight/surprise/amazement.

I was also hand holding a loaner camera, pleasantly surprised at what I was able to do with that!

Eclipse 2017 sequence

Eclipse sequence from WKU

Just before totality I had come out from traveling under the stadium deck.  What did I do?  Looked at the Sun.  Expecting just some blinding glare, but instead….

 The crescent Sun.

…and knew enough not to stare.  But oh that fleeting glimpse was so cool.  Back to filtered camera until totality.  Oh, dang that was fun.  Short (we had only about 50 seconds), but so cool.

The best comments from those I spoke with in many different venues?  “It happened just like you said it would and was so cool!”

Well, celestial mechanics still works, and from the accounts of those who’d seen an eclipse, I was pretty confident I couldn’t oversell it.  The weather was beautiful (I’d been up before sunrise to see what I’d hoped: Venus, in the clear dawn sky).  Home to my kids and visiting family and friends who had a great eclipse (2m30s) at the house.

What a year, what a day.

Let’s do it again!

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