I am thankful.

For family, friends, actually pretty much everyone I know.  Past friends.  Friends no longer here, whose memory still informs my present.  I am not the most social person I know, I can cheerfully spend days without other humans….but for those in my life, I am thankful.

For just plain dumb luck.  Living in a great place on the planet, in relative peace and prosperity only dreamed of by my ancestors.  A roof over a comfortable house.  Food.  Wine!  Am I rich?  Not perhaps in an absolute sense in this age, but certainly I am richer and have better health care than any Pharaoh of ancient Egypt.  Truthfully, there is nothing I actually need in material goods, and really I need to shed stuff.

For the sky.  Day or night, I never look up that I do not find beauty.  The sky shames my ego, reminding me that my petty concerns are just that.  That I live on a planet that is an amazing place.

For having a mind.  For being able to comprehend the world I live in, to explore, understand, and celebrate the amazing universe.  I can be in mind anywhere in time and space.  From atoms to supermassive black holes, everything is a wonder to explore.  Sure, I still have to do laundry and cook dinner, but how fortunate we are to have the time to simply go traveling down random roads of discovery.

For not just living, but being alive.


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