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M27 Astrodork.  Someone with an overly fond love of everything astronomical.  From the real to the imaginary to somewhere in between (think dark energy ).  Sometimes things right here on this planet.  I enjoy astronomy, photography, and more, and hope to showcase some of that on my website.   

M27, the aptly named Dumbbell Nebula.  One of the bright Messier list objects, M27 is a planetary nebula, so named because they were more or less round extended images, like planets.  In the center are sun-like stars that blew off layers of atmosphere into space late in life. When these stars can no longer support fusion, they shrink, becoming very hot white dwarf stars.   The ultraviolet radiation such hot objects emit causes the gas to glow until the star cools a bit.  The beautiful shrouds these dying stars spin are unique and ephemeral, lasting only about ten thousand years. 

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